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Lifestyle Longevity

Following the treatment plan, we will help you define and implement a healthy lifestyle that supports and integrates lifestyle, healthy activity, and a long term continuing care solution. We will help you start your journey towards healthy living to extend the longevity of the lifestyle you want, while specifically targeting your wellness needs, interests and…
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Treatment Planning

Based on a thorough study of your health history, a physical examination, and a discussion with you regarding your own health assessment, as-well-as your life style objectives, we design a treatment plan that fits you. The treatment plan may involve a combination of adjustments, manipulation, massage therapy, deep moist heat, cryotherapy, electric muscle stimulation, or…
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Patient Evaluation

We believe in taking great care of you and that starts with focusing on what's important to you.  We begin with a thorough review of your health history and a physical examination, including x-rays, if applicable. We take the time to listen to you to gain a deeper understanding of your personal health history, and…
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